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SalonScale Takes the Guesswork out of your colour costs.

Finally, a smart and modern way to Weigh, Charge, and Track for the exact amount of colour used


What is SalonScale?

SalonScale is a mobile app that in real time can calculate the exact cost of color for each guest individually.

With the rising Trends of hair color, Whether it is a balayage or shadow root,

WE are consistently using MORE and MORE color everyday.

SalonScale is needed now more than ever to help you pay for each scoop, squeeze, or drop.

Leave everyday knowing you no longer have an “open bar” but a trackable, stable solution to ensure profit every color - everytime.

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 “The guessing game is officially over for me. I now know exactly how much each service costs me.”

“ We have Definitely seen some amazing results with the app! It has made my staff (and lets be honest myself) more accountable to the costs of color!”

“SalonScale changed my life when it came to tracking the cost of product and charging my worth.”

 Color YOUR way Leave the rest to US!

SalonScale is the next GAME CHANGER for our Industry with over 400 Salons on board since launching a few months ago. This App Gives you the control back in your business to start making PROFIT every time you color.


 join the over 800 active users and see what the #salonscalemovement is about.