SalonScale back bar management software allows you to weigh, charge and track for everything in your back bar in real-time. Designed by the industry, for the industry. You can feel confident knowing everything leaving your back bar is being paid for.


A real-time platform

Built for the New Economy

We simply do not do hair color the way we used to so why are we charging the old way?

Our easy to use, back bar management app is designed to give stylists and salon owners like you real-time information so you can control all of your back bar costs.

Salons finally know what is coming and going from the back bar. Now you can manage your expenses and make sure every color service is turning a profit.


A smart solution to free pouring

Turn That Open Bar Into a Profitable One

Mixing hair color should not be an open tab. By not accounting for the cost of back bar products in your pricing, you run the risk of losing profit!

Your service charges, fixed fees, old systems do not match up to this type of variable services we are seeing today. Back bar costs are variable, and are based off density and service type your pricing should be variable as well.

With SalonScale back bar management software, you will finally have both your time and color products covered.

Designed With

You In Mind

Trusted by 8,200+ Stylists and Salon Owners Around the Globe


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“I was always having this fight in my head as to what my service was worth and what my cost was worth and what to charge accordingly and with using SalonScale, it just takes that all away.”

Tara Sebastianis, Salon Owner, Crimson Hair Salon

Tara Sebastianis
Tara Sebastianis
Salon Owner, Crimson Hair Studio
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Since using SalonScale, we have doubled, if not tripled our revenue.
Josie Vilay
Josie Vilay
Multi-Location Salon Owner, Hairology
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Before using SalonScale as a salon owner, I could see the amount of color that was getting wasted, but to see the amount of money being lost was mind blowing. I won't make that mistake again for my second salon.
Alanna Karst
Alanna Karst
Independent Stylist
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I worked less hours this month, but still made an additional $1,500 because I charged for my color with SalonScale.
Kaj Olafson
Kaj Olafson
Salon Owner, Filament Hair Inc.
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I would rather give up my booking software than SalonScale. That's how impactful it has been for me.
Jereme Bokitch
Jereme Bokitch
Multi-Location Salon Owner, Hedkandi Salon
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We do $6 million in sales and if we are out 2%, that's $120,000 we are out of budget, and we aren't out of budget anymore.
Moe Worlsey
Moe Worlsey
Suite Owner, Muze Hair Studio
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SalonScale has impacted my business financially in a lot of ways. Before when I worked in a salon, I didn't really have to worry about these things, but now that I'm a business owner I can truly see just how much more revenue I am bringing in with SalonScale.

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