Encouraging Growth: How to Empower Your Staff and Stylists

As the Salon Owner (or most of the time - Creative Director) empowering your staff is at the top of the list for how well your salon culture will produce growth. Always think:

Empowerment = Growth

Here are three empowerment Ideas to help encourage growth in your next staff meeting:

1) Reward and Congratulate Out Loud

Taking time to celebrate stylists and staff that have excelled not only in their jobs; but in their lives, creates empowerment for others to achieve these milestones. When one of our staff purchases their first car or their first home, we would always announce it at staff meetings to congratulate them on their personal accomplishments. Not everything has to be about their job: empowering growth in their lives will always go farther. A happy life equals a happy stylist or staff which in turn brings more positivity to your salon.

2) Role Reversal

Grab one or two stylists and divide up the topics from a staff meeting and let them lead a staff meeting and be seen as a token of encouragement for their team. When you believe in them and push them outside their comfort zones they not only respect you more as their leader, but you are truly training them to one day take over these roles. Having them take your position gives the team a chance to practice and become empowered to help others.

3) North Star Metric

Come up with one metric you want the whole team to get behind and encourage them to work together. The outcome will naturally be growth whether it is financial or personal. A great North Star metric to start with is pre-booked appointments. By tracking this every staff meeting and your staff gets behind this goal, it pushes everyone in the business on the same path. Reward your team for working together. TEAMWORK makes the DREAMWORK. Some other North Star metric ideas are number of clients, retail goals, number of Google Reviews, etc,. Keep it the same or change it up – at the end of the day, it’s just an opportunity to watch your team, and ultimately your business, grow.

We have one true job in life and that is to spread positivity to others. As a leader, you have the privilege of empowering others to believe in themselves. The faster you can empower your team the faster you will see growth within your salons.

Alicia Soulier