Top Hair Trends for 2019 So Far...And What It Could Cost Your Salon

Every year we just can’t imagine there could possibly be a new trend or technique - but social media always surprises us. When you work in the most creative industry in the world, change is inevitable, and trends will always rise. From hand-painting in elevation to HD foliage, salons are testing their limits on stocking these incredible works of art. Every salon owner wants to be the salon that is providing the fastest and greatest on fashion for hair. But with these popular trends comes a huge increase in cost and inconsistency on the bottom line.

So what is really trending this year?

Below are three trends we are seeing in salons today



Who doesn’t want to look like a Kardashian right? I think between us stylists and plastic surgeons we hear about the latest trends of keeping up…if you know what I mean (hahah).

Pastel pink requires a few steps that will stretch out that good old color budget. Pastel pink requires bowls and bowls of bleach to get hair to be past yellow and then adding two tubes of pastel pink hair color on top of that. This color is roughly costing salons between $40-$60 of straight cost alone not to mention time and labour.

Screen Shot 2019-04-29 at 1.58.28 PM.png


Even our blondies are ready for a change to the sweeter side. By sweet we aren’t talking all things cake. From rich chocolate to caramel frosting we are having more and more clients wanting to turn to the dark side.

Like the pastel, these colors look a lot easier than they are and require some of the top stylists to perform to perfection. It involves depositing permanent color on the roots and then sealing the ends with that perfect rich semi-permanent gloss. Top it off with backcombed highlights in between to be toned. At the sink, this process is a costly one. We are seeing costs from $25-$55 of just color.

Screen Shot 2019-04-29 at 2.04.28 PM.png


Whiteout? Why not!!

Back by popular demand clients are wanting to brighten up their life and hopefully, keep their healthy locks to get this head-turning color. Every few years we see a big demand for all over frosted white locks.

We all know that this is not as easy as it looks with bleaching for several hours back to back and then the time it takes to tone this color costs a good chunk. We have seen costs climbing to the $75 mark with adding bonders in.

No matter what the trend is we need to make sure we are still covering all the costs. Stylists are notorious for working late and donating their time and money to make these looks come to life. However, you have to charge your worth and make sure every color, every-time you are profitable. Keep track of your color costs as these trends keep rising so will your expenses. The color trends will not slow down and I predict we will continue using more and more color each year.

Alicia Soulier

Caila Ellerman