4 Hacks to Turning Up Your Trial

Hey SalonScalers, Kim here. Today I am sharing my top hacks for mastering your SalonScale trial. I promised myself I wouldn’t put a shameless plug about the benefits of booking an onboard or discovery call with myself, so I

won’t. BUT I will hint that there is usually some bad jokes, sometimes some pretty cool facts, and more than likely I will spill my coffee at some point, all for free.

So without further ado, here are 4 ways to Turn Up Your SalonScale Trial:

1. Dial-in on your “Why”

You are here for a reason. Maybe you are looking to get a better grasp on your numbers, or maybe you are saving up for something whether that’s a larger space, an assistant, or to start finding some financial freedom. What about trying to find a tool to help charge for our industry's new (and expensive) trends? Shopping around because there has to be a better way to organize color orders? Life is busy and excuses can be easy. I am probably the most guilty of this.

My personal go to’s “I don’t have time” or “I’ll add this to my list to do later”.However, I had a very wise woman tell me “You have the same amount of hours in the day as Beyonce”, well maybe it was Pinterest. How did I interpret that? That it is not about time, it is about priority. And my priorities are directly related to my “whys”. Once we dial into why something is important, or why we said yes in the first place, we WILL find a way to make it happen.

2. Learn the Tips and Tricks

We all love a good hack. Did you know sticking an avocado in a beer koozie can help it ripen faster? Now you do. Here are a few things to make your SalonScale trial experience that much better.

• Adding a Mark-Up:

o We all know there is more than color that goes into a color service. There is the foil, the gloves, the back bar product, the shipping & handling....make sure those costs are covered. Not only that? We are firm believers that you should always try to make a profit in as many aspects of your business as you can. Want to learn more about what this looks like? You guessed it – book your onboard. I might sound like a broken record, but this is the best way to get the most tailored plan for your unique needs.

• Scale Hacks

o Still have the stock batteries in your scale? Full disclosure, they don't last long. Swap them on out for some regular triple-A's. You can thank me later.

o Make sure your scale is on a flat, hard, surface. For some reason, we all have obsessions with towels and trolley’s, but to get the most accurate reading keep your scale somewhere firm and stationary.

o Left your whisk in the bowl? Been there. Want a double check? Been there, too. Just give the top of the scale a light press, and it will re-calculate the weight.

o Quit ripping tabs – Your color order is done for you.

o Color orders are time-consuming, and guesswork for the most part.Not with us. SalonScale will record your color product down to the gram/oz. so you know exactly what to order to replace what you have used. Gone are the days of over-ordering, under-ordering, or counting ripped tabs/caps.

3. See Your Profit/Progress

Have you explored your Web Dashboard yet? Here are a few key features:

Tutorials: learn more tips, tricks & hacks for all things SalonScale with videos and step-by-step guides

• Sessions: Your #1 tool for separating parts and labor (check out more on this here)

Reports: Ready to know your numbers? Yes you are, and I promise they aren’t scary. Break down your color usage by cost (what you’ve spent), Profit(what you’ve made from your markup) and exactly how much of every color product you’ve used. Because let’s be honest, who has time to manually track this when you have 15 minutes a day to eat your food, go to the bathroom and answer your emails.

4. Use Us

Real talk, there is nothing worse than signing up to try something and letting it sit until you feel rushed. We chose to have the 30-day trial because we know that there are so many working parts to a business and we want you to be able to get your hands dirty (not just with color) and get a good feel for the app.

So what does that mean? Dive in. If you are waiting for a sign from the universe, or a friendly yet firm nudge, this is it. You deserve to invest in yourself, and you deserve to form an opinion on how things are done in your business and we are here to be a support. Sure the app is great (I may be biased), but we are here to help you out with so much more than that and we want to promote community over competition every time. Need a sounding board for a new idea? DM us. Google isn’t giving you the right answers for “salon-specific” business tips? Reach out to us. Genuinely just want some help/advice/validation? We love to chat.

We have formed some of the most amazing connections with our customers, and it’s time we bring some humanization back to tech. Your time is now.

Thanks for reading and I want to give a huge personal shoutout to all of you that continue to support us! You are the real MVPs.



Operations Officer

Caila Ellerman