Turn $5 into $125

I love when I am inspired by others. This morning one of my members from my program, a Kick ass person and stylist, Messaged me on Facebook to send me her progress in her business. After we chatted a bit I offered to give her a challenge and I thought it would be great to share it with the world.

If you know me at all ... you have heard me say a million times. EVERY DOLLAR COUNTS! Especially when it comes to your average ticket. So here’s the deal... maybe you think about $5 and say.. well it’s just $5 bucks. But guess what? If you can increase your average ticket by $5 with 25 guests a week. You now turned that $5 into $125 a week. And $500 a month. NO JOKE! This is the way I want you to think about your business. .

So how do you do this! Here is your challenge. It’s all about add on services. I dive deep into this in my membership program. But look at your guests at the beginning of the day and see what they need. See what they haven’t tried with you yet. I challenge you for the next 21 days to focus solely on your average ticket. Check out your guest list every morning and start planning out your conversations with your guests. Maybe it’s an eyebrow wax, maybe it’s a glaze, maybe it’s a few highlight or a conditioning treatment. Now of course you are only offering these services if they need them. But I can say just about every guest needs a conditioning treatment. .

Are you ready to get focused and turn your $5 into $125 and then into $500? Let’s do it.


Nina Tulio

Salon Business Educator at 1N Agency

Nina began her career as a hair stylist turned district manager of a chain of 8 salons in Pennsylvania. She has been the recipient of the Ambassador of the Year Award in 2015 by the Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce, 40 Under 40 by Lehigh Valley Business and Woman of Style 2016 by Lehigh Valley Style Magazine. Connect with her if you want insight into how you can make your salon more profitable!

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