Putting SalonScale on the Map

With 2019 already off to speedy start, we quickly became the MUST SEE booth at both ISSE Long Beach and IBS New York. Why you ask? Well we’d like to accredit it to our charming personalities and dance moves that drew people in, or heck maybe it was even the mass amount of candy we measured in. Either way that’s probably not why people came to our booth. If our giant iPhone and warm salon feel was spotted from afar, everyone that stopped by our booth had either heard about us, or just simply needed to know more.

After day one at our very first American trade show we knew we had something special. We knew that the reactions of hundreds of people meant something. We felt like our passion for our industry and what SalonScale was created for had the confirmation it needed. With a conversion rate of 28% at ISSE Long Beach. Our passion was fuelled with purpose.

Following that our adventure continued on to the east coast to IBS New York where it contrasted the west coast where there was more solopreneurs opposed to salon owners in New York. One thing that was the same at both shows was everyone’s reactions to our product. The words we hear over and over again always go like this: “Oh my god, I have always needed something like this. I can’t believe no one has thought of this before now.” Trust us - we feel the same.

After being in Atlanta, Georgia for the Data Driven Salon Summit recently, we truly believe that we have the answers to change this industry for the better. With so much male presence in the salon industry we firmly believe that us women need to help support and grow one another. As a female led tech company and being in an industry where 8 out of 10 salons fail within the first 4 years of business we must reach out our hands to one another. We have the ability to be supportive and transparent with one another now more than ever because of technology and how it connects us.

Let’s all start being open and honest about the struggles of owning a business. Let’s help each other out with metrics and formulas that we use and share it with other salons whether they are down the street, or across the country from you. We are far better off as a community than as competition.

Succeeding all these events, meeting thousands of people just like you, we realize we have one goal. That goal is to help you become sustainable, profitable, and create a healthier salon ecosystem for all.

All the best,

April Morrison

Sales & Partnerships at SalonScale Technologies Inc

Caila Ellerman