Top 5 Most Commonly Used Color Brands

With social media being at the fingertips of every trendsetter we are finding a huge shift on the what's what of hair color. For the first time in years, color lines have made major success overnight.  We live in a different time where salon owners and stylists are not as brand loyal or specific and the true artist lies behind the chair. Salons have been adding multiple color lines to get the drool-worthy colors they are seeing on their social feeds

At SalonScale, we get the opportunity to see exactly what colors lines salons and stylists are using as they run their product lines through our app. Here are the top 5 most used brands in North America that continue to bring passion to colorists nationwide.



This dynamic historical product has a true love spot for millions of hairdressers around the world. From the constant updates on new color formulas to play with to their world-renown Shades EQ Demi Permanent line that is a must-have for every salon. Redken's determination to be a leader in the hair color industry stands out through their dynamic catalog that empowers salons and stylists to be unique and creative with their color.



The proof is every #goldwellcolor posted on Instagram. Goldwell has been known for its rich luxurious color range. Goldwell sits on the shelves of some of the top salons in the world (and not to mention those famous faces we see in film and print) have been painted with this top color line. Celebrity stylist @jasonbacke is one of the thousand proud ambassadors that support this line and continues to inspire stylists to create statements that turn heads.



Who doesn't want to make a statement? Pulp Riot has been one of the most impressive color lines to launch. Starting with a few prototypes in the back bar of the most elite salons in the world, in just a few years they have grown to become a global sensation they are today. Even more behind the color line is the passion in the artists that have been there to help grow this colorful line.


Time and time again you come across a product that truly stands the test of time. Schwarzkopf has proven itself up to be that color line. With millions of stylists swearing by their products, we continue to see rapid growth as more salons and stylists bring it into their homes. Some of the most talented stylists in the world have been featured in many publications such as the Behind the Chair's #oneshot hair awards showcasing their extremely deserving Schwartkoff inspired color creations.


No one loves the potent smell of hair color. So when we asked our guests about why they love Wella – the majority voted that does not have the strong scent that most color lines have. When in the market for strong, pigmented colors to cover grey and give long-lasting rich color – the Wella line is a top contender that is used by thousands of salons around North America. Wella has always put effort towards continued innovation and research to help achieve the rapid growth trends we see every day from behind the chair. A big BIG point that many of our guests have mentioned is how much they can trust this line in coverage and dimension and nowadays when time is money Trust for coverage and vibrancy is a must we don't have time for our color lines to fail us.

Overall we are blessed as an industry to have so many options to select our mediums to paint our true canvas of hair. These are just 5 of many brilliant lines that can be used to create a vass amount of color formulas. We live in a world of HD hair and no matter the line, the artist behind them is truly incredible. We now have artists entering the hair business as they see the art and diversity diverse that the industry truly is.

From depth and dimension to light and tone, we would so LOVE to hear your thoughts!

What are some of your favorite color lines?

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