The salon industry has never separated their parts from labor, rather they have always charged a flat rate or percentage for the variable color cost. This means that the profit margin on color services has never been consistent or reliable and customers may be under or overcharged for the amount of product actually used in their services.


In 2017, founder Alicia Soulier was facing the same problem many salon owners and stylists have today: “How do I control the hair color being free poured in my salon, make sure my costs are covered and reduce waste?” Alicia enlisted the help of co-founder Kim to create a digitized solution to this problem and SalonScale Technology was born.

With SalonScale, stylists and salon owners know the exact cost of color being used in their color services and are finally able to charge for them accordingly rather than simply estimating the cost. This means more transparency at the back bar and for customers on their bill.

SalonScale uses an app that connects to a bluetooth scale to measure the exact cost of hair color being used in salon services while it is being mixed. The information collected while mixing hair color is used to provide insights to help manage backbar expenses, color usage and inventory.

Alicia Soulier, Founder & CEO of SalonScale

Stylist, Salon Owner, Creative Director, and Tech Entrepreneur, Alicia Soulier has spent her career working within the heart of the beauty industry. After identifying an issue in the salon industry’s color management systems, Alicia took the challenge to not only create the solution but to ensure that every salon owner was no longer bleeding money from their bottom line. Her mission led her to co-found the award-winning tech salon company, SalonScale, where she continues to push boundaries while keeping heart-centered leadership at its core. Recently selected as a member of the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, Alicia is dedicated to representing the salon and tech industries with the hopes of inspiring others to follow in her footsteps.

Kim Badiuk, Co-Founder & COO of SalonScale

From salon manager to co-founder of the award-winning salon tech company SalonScale, Kim Badiuk has found her calling, transforming lives. Working as SalonScale’s COO, Kim is passionate about bringing salons into the digital era by helping to create a suite of digital salon tools designed to support the lives of those working in the industry. A thought leader in both team development and operations management. Kim is focused on supporting the future generation of stylists, believing that no matter where you come from, anyone is capable of salon success with the right support and tools by your side.