We are transparent in our communication. This means being honest and sometimes being bold and challenging the status quo to help push our industry forward (we are the good friend that will pull you aside and tell you when you have broccoli in your teeth… or when outdated pricing structures need to be reformed)We want you to succeed and we believe you can! We wholeheartedly believe that we can lead the movement towards fair pricing, profitability and positive relationships within the salon industry.

We exist to empower our community and make them believe in themselves. Use motivating and encouraging messaging to challenge doubts and fears and instill confidence.

When promoting our brand, tell the story and sell the lifestyle our audience wants. Focus on the positive outcomes and benefits our customers experience when using our products such as financial freedom, stability, and relief.

Education is a key ingredient in creating behavioral change. Our messaging aims to reduce the barriers to business literacy within the salon industry and make it easy for our customers to implement our products and systems.


SalonScale has two distinct brand voices to clearly communicate the functional aspects of our product and express the emotional aspects of our story.


We strive to be accessible and helpful when communicating educational or product-related information. Although our company lies within the tech sector, we should always do our best to reflect the casual tone of our customers and use vocabulary that is familiar to them. Rather than trying to sound like the expert, be the expert by communicating in a clear and simple manner that allows the audience to grasp the concepts we are trying to teach. Avoid industry jargon that isn’t familiar to everyone.


When communicating about our brand we want to come across as relatable, empathetic and inspirational to connect to our audience. A critical component to being relatable is addressing commonly felt problems. While we should always strive to have a positive tone, optimism isn’t about believing everything is perfect, rather it is about acknowledging the problems before us and being confident that we have the tools and people to help solve them together. Storytelling is an important part of who we are and it helps to create familiar messaging that is easy to comprehend and shows that we understand what our customers are going through. Lastly, we try to showcase elements of our brand personality through our written communication whenever possible. This means leaning into our playful, imaginative and inspirational qualities when appropriate