Business Coach and Team Trainer, Caylee’s life calling is to mentor and educate while helping others achieve their full potential. Owner of Hype Hair Studio 2009-2019.

Caylee has a lot of hype around her name! She is a L’Oréal Professional and Inspiring Champions trainer. She is certified with John Maxwell and Lumina Spark. She is also a wife and mother and thrives as an entrepreneur and loves building and mentoring growing teams with proven systems and strategies.


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Salon Profit Project Program

The Salon Profit Project is an online course that blends self-study and mentorship to get you on top of the financial side of your salon business in easy steps, you can implement in your busy life

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Communication for Success Program

Communication for Success is a live event that helps Salon Owners and managers build long-term relationships with their clients and co-workers, so that they can generate more revenue and eliminate conflict in the workplace

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