cost of goods

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Hey, welcome back. I’m so excited to uncover another secret for you of, um, countering the ways that the salon systems have failed and failed you. And we are going to talk about a new pricing model. And so you might have heard this already, you may not have implemented it yet, or you might have implemented, it but maybe not thought of all the different ways of doing it. So I’m gonna talk through that a little bit, um, and share with you how it’s impacted some of our client’s businesses. So the new model we’re talking about is separating your service from the product. And so I want you to think about when you take your car to the mechanic and they give you the bill and it says labor that amount, and then it says parts that amount. This is brilliant because we are no longer deducting that from our stylist and we are charging it directly to the consumer. 

Some of the challenges that you might have with that are you might say, Well, I don’t want the client to see how much we spend on color, or, I don’t want the stylist, but in my experience, most of the clients don’t ask for like an itemized receipt. So they might take just their visa receipt or something like that. So I don’t think it’s a huge problem, and it is the way the industry’s moving, so it, the clients will get used to seeing that breakdown. But not only do I want you to separate parts and services, and I’ll tell you a little bit more about how to do that. Um, I want you to add a little margin to the supplies cost. What does that mean? It means you’re charging a little bit more for that because you have to think about, um, the, the cost of getting that in, the cost of stocking it, and all the other things that are not included in that, like your foils, um, your water cloths, your towels, all of those other things. 

So we wanna charge, um, if you’re bold enough, we talked about being bold, right? If you’re bold enough, you would charge it like a retail item and you would double it. Um, a lot of salons are like, Ooh, you know, that’s making the price all of a sudden jump up, which we already addressed. The first issue was we didn’t keep up with that. So some of you might wanna ease into it, but this would be like the perfect model if our stylist charges for the time, and then we have the product charge or supplies charge. And with salon scale, this to me is the most ethical pricing you can get because now you’re weighing the color on their scale, their Bluetooth scale that goes into the stylist’s phone and tells them what to charge. Now you’re weighing it out. So we’re not overcharging, um, the client, we’re charging them for exactly what was mixed. 

Gone are the days of emotional charging like put up your hand if you were ever like in a really good mood and you did awesome hair and you’re like, Oh shit. Raise my prices. And you’re like, Oh, I, that was so good. And then you come in the next week and you’re really down in the dumps and you’re like, Ugh, I can’t even believe I have clients. I don’t know why they’re paying me and like, I don’t deserve to raise my prices. Like we can’t base the business on all of our fluctuating emotions, so we need to have some systems that make sense and it just makes sense to value your time per hour and then add on the product separately that you use. This is one of the only changes, um, that one of my clients made and they were curious about it.

And so they went back and did an experiment and they did their last year’s numbers as if they had already had salon scale. And they called me up and they said, Did you know if we would’ve made that one change last year, we would not have lost money as we did? We would’ve already been profitable with just that one change. Imagine that, like I’m gonna tell you about like 20,000 changes you can make, but if just that one change took you from not profitable to profitable, like wouldn’t it be worth making that change like right now in your business? So that’s the opportunity that we’re providing to you right now is just showing you little quick fixes to some of these challenges that right now you’re just working too hard trying to solve or you’re just trying to get ahead of, and again, like back to like you’re running on that treadmill, but those aren’t the things that are gonna make you a stronger runner. 

And so these small tweaks are the things that are gonna make you run more efficiently. So in this series, what we wanted to do was expose three of them. Many, many reasons the salon systems are failing you, um, and unlock those secrets to a profitable business. So we shared with you like how we haven’t kept up with inflation and how that’s gotten us so far behind and we’ve given you a formula for how you can keep up with it. We’ve talked about consumer demand and how we’ve never adapted to the growth that we’ve had along our journey as a stylist and for all the salon owners having all of your team that again, back to the compound effect that compounds. It’s not just one stylist that we’ve undercharged, it’s like 10 of them. Um, so everything is compounding. It’s kind of magical. And then we talked about how we’ve paid historically. 

We’ve paid commission on color and why it used to work and why it just doesn’t work anymore and we need to change. And so again, there’s no shame in this, it’s just the reality of the way the industry, um, is failing and it’s at least 96% of salons that are not profitable. As I told you before, I’m a big fan of Salon Scale. I get all my clients on it because they solve that one specific problem of overuse of the back bar in the salon. So this is so exciting. We’ve partnered with Salon Scale and we have this amazing offer unheard of for you right now where you can get three months with salon scale and three months with the salon owner circle both at 50% off. Um, so you don’t have to sign up for the year, You don’t have to make any huge commitment right now, but we have just knocked it down in half because we want to change the industry and we believe that um, the whole entire system has failed you. 

And that, um, if you can just get a hold of some of these little best practices that the thriving salons are using, that you will be able to transform your business too. And each one of you is part of that bigger picture and we can increase that percentage of profitable salons, but most importantly, we can increase your lifestyle and how you enjoy the business. We can increase, um, your financial situation and your team, right? We can help your team make more money. So it’s a win, win, win for everyone. Um, there’s no reason why your stylists are winning and you should be losing behind the scenes, um, so that we have to stop too. So I really, um, have enjoyed this time we’ve spent together. I hope you got a lot out of this series and I invite you now to join us, um, for this like bundle offer. It’s gonna be, um, only available for a limited time. So, you know, take like act now, get in there and I will be, uh, waiting for you on the other side to answer all your questions, to lead you, and to introduce you to our amazing community of owners. So we’ll see you on the other side.