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Hi, I’m Caylee Auge and I help salon owners who are overworked and underpaid, become profitable and successful. 

Like a lot of you, I was that top earner in my salon. I really thought if I did my own space, I could make my team happy. I would give them everything that I thought my boss should have given me. And the first time that I stepped away from the business, like the first payroll without my sales, like my hard work behind the chair, the payroll bounced. And that’s when I realized like this business was not gonna be as easy as I thought it was gonna be. And that it wasn’t just about hard work, it wasn’t just about great hair, it wasn’t just about a great team. That there was a whole other level of things behind this business that I had no idea about. 

So right now you’re, you’re a salon owner. You’re in the thick of it, you’re in the hustle, you’re wearing all the hats, you are marketing, you are, salon operations, You are the cheerleader. You are the psychologist for your team. You’re probably still hair behind the chair or maybe you’ve stepped away from that, but it’s just one role. Bookkeeping sometimes. Um, so all of these jobs can feel really overwhelming.

Sometimes it’s actually easier to run a big business than it is to run a small business cuz a small business owner has all the hats and they don’t necessarily have the budget to get the help and support that they need. 

It’s like you’re on this treadmill that just keeps speeding up and at some point, you just can’t keep up anymore. But you’re still like, I got this, I got this. And have you ever been at the gym and you see someone like, shoot off the back of the treadmill? Well, that’s what we don’t want to happen to you, but I know you because I’m like you. And um, I know you don’t wanna slow the treadmill down, right? Because you want the challenge. You wanna conquer and you wanna overcome. 

And so instead of slowing the treadmill down, what I propose is that we make you a stronger runner and that we make you a more efficient runner and that you’re still on there. Like, I got this, but it looks easy and you’re not gonna fly off the back. So we’re going to expose three of many reasons. The salon systems are failing you now and unlock the secrets to a profitable business.