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In this series, we have exposed three of the challenges the industry’s facing and offered some quick solutions for that. We’ve also exposed many more problems that the industry is facing, and we have solutions for those too. We couldn’t put them all into this series, but we want to make you an amazing offer so that you can get access to those now. So if you were to sign up with SalonScale your monthly charge would be $99 a month, and that would be so worth it. Remember I told you about my client, who that was the one and only change he made that took him from losing money to becoming a profitable salon. If you were to sign up just with the salon owner circle, it would be $47 a month, which also is amazing for all of the access you have for the brainstorm breakout, small groups with other like mind and salon owners.

You get some group coaching and you get access to a portal that offers you so many more solutions like the ones we shared with you today. Um, and for all of those other issues that we talked about. So for just $146 a month, you could have access to all of that because you participate in this series. We’re so grateful that you did because you are part of the solution of raising the bar in the industry. We want cut that right down for you. So we are offering you those bundle program, both of our programs for only $73 a month and only a three month commitment. So you just dipping your toe in the water. You don’t have to make any big commitments here because we know that you’re going to experience success and we know that the changes you’re gonna make in your business are going to be tenfold from the investment you’re gonna make.

And we wawnt to make it really easy for you to come and join us. So on top of that, we’re going to add in all these goodies. Um, one of them is free access to our mini course series and we have things like the salon model is broken that shows you the pros and cons of each model. There’s a lot of Salon owners out there that aren’t even really clear of what model they’re in or what business they’re in. And so we have some training around that. So Salon Owner Time Makeover, you’re probably thinking like, I don’t have time for all this, or I don’t know how I’m gonna make time to even watch these videos. Or maybe, um, I don’t like doing online education. And so that’s the beauty of these programs is you do get to be part of a group with real live people.

And in the Salon Owner Time Makeover we’re going to teach you how to prioritize your time so that you can make time for this. And if that wasn’t enough, so Salon Scale has generously offered their free Bluetooth scale that pairs with the app so that your stylists know exactly how much color they use and can charge your clients appropriately. And there’s no more color walking out your door unaccounted for you can get some really quick results for just this tiny, tiny investment. So I want you to ask yourself, what would change in your life if you just took one of these actions today, like you just made one of these changes. Would that be enough to cover that $73 a month? I think you know the answer is yes. And on the other side of it, what would happen if you did nothing and your business stayed the exact same? Are you going to wake up another five, 10 years from now with the same being in the same 96% of salons that are failing, not having profit and being overworked and underpaid? This is what we want to stop.