The SalonScale team is here to help you throughout the process so whether you need more information on the app, or need help with running your salon business a bit more smoothly, we encourage you to reach out: call us at 1-833-MYSCALE, send us a note at info@salonscale.com or chat live with us at www.salonscale.com.

Q:How Do I Get My Free Trial?

A: Head to www.salonscale.com and click the “try now for free” button. Check your email inbox for a link to create your account, choose which subscription works best for you, and then your scale will been its “weigh”.

Q: What do I need to get started?

A: All you need to use SalonScale is:

  1. 1)  The app downloaded on any device

  2. 2)  Scale (free with sign-up)

Q: When will my scale arrive?

A: Shipping within North America: 2-7 days (We have added 5 extra days to your free month to account for scale travel time, making it a 35-day free trial)

Q: How do I login to my dashboard?

A: Head to www.salonscale.com and click “login” in the top right hand corner of the page

q: How come I cannot see my product list in the app?

Products will not show up in your app unless they are added to your online dashboard, along with pricing. Check out our tutorial page to find help with adding your products in.

q:I don’t see my product line in the dashboard.

Don’t see your color line? Give us a call or send us an email and we will get it added in.

q: How do I add my stylists?

A: 1)  Login to your dashboard at www.salonscale.com

2)  Once on the Stylists tab, click the button “create new stylist” and enter in name and email

3)  The stylist will receive an email with a link to set-up their password

q: My app and scale are reading two different numbers - help!

Check which taring preference you are in within the app by clicking the settings icon in the top left hand corner

Manual Tare Mode - ensure you are pressing the “tare” button on the scale between each product poured. Check out the tutorials tab within the dashboard to see an example.

Let SalonScale Tare For Me Mode - The app will show the weight of each individual product (automatically taring between each product), whereas the scale will hold a cumulative weight of all products in the bowl. Find the “measuring in oz.” tutorial video within the tutorials tab on the dashboard for an example.

q: How can I keep my scale on longer?

A; A)  Do you still have the original batteries in? Swap them out- this should give it some more juice

B)  Try and remember to shut the scale off when you are done mixing to preserve your battery life

q: I’m measuring a small amount - how do I make sure the scale has measured it?

A: If you ever add a small amount of product and the scale does not pick it up (usually less than 3 grams) just put a bit of pressure anywhere on the scale. When you let go, the number should include the small amount that was missing before.

q: How does my front-desk see my session?

A: Within the app, click the menu icon (the 2 lines in the top right hand corner) to access the dropdown menu. Click “Front Desk View” and a list of your sessions will be generated.

q: What do I with the “SalonScale” number?

A: Each Salon is unique, we offer complimentary coach calls that help tailor a strategy to your specific needs, or head to our blog section to learn more about how current users implemented into their salons.