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Frequently Asked Questions

Hello. How can we help you understand more about SalonScale?

Frequently Asked Questions

Our industry needs to change in order to allow salons and stylists to become more profitable. By separating parts and labour, stylists can actually charge their worth, cover expenses and add to their bottom line at each and every appointment.

All you need to get started is a mobile or tablet device. Download the SalonScale app from the App Store or the GooglePlay Store. You can use any scale, or purchase the SalonScale Bluetooth compatible scale.

Yes. SalonScale can work in any salon. SalonScale doesn’t integrate with POS systems, instead we encourage stylists to add the product cost generated by SalonScale to any ticket by adding in a line item such as “SalonScale” or “Product Charge”.

Absolutely. SalonScale offers a 30 day free trial on all accounts so that you can be familiar with the process prior to paying a single cent!

Yes. SalonScale takes privacy seriously, and uses top of the line data storing processes.