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Feature Q+A- Jessica Le Textur Salon Calgary Alberta

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We had a chance to catch up with Jessica Le, Salon Owner of Textur Salon in Calgary, AB to hear about her story on implementing SalonScale in her salon! @textursaloncalgary

SalonScale: How long have you been a SalonScale salon/user for?

Jessica: 5-6 months 

SalonScale: How long did it take for you to start seeing the profit in your Salon go up?

Jessica: Almost immediately

SalonScale: What advice would you give to yourself as a new salon owner now?

Jessica: Talk to other salon owners! 

SalonScale: What was the hardest part about implementing SalonScale?

Jessica: Hair stylists are stuck in their ways at times. So it was getting my staff motivated to using the app for every client 

SalonScale: What was the biggest light bulb moment for you, during your trial period that you decided “I need this”?

Jessica: I didn’t even do a trial period because it was light bulb moment for me when I learned about how the app works! 

SalonScale: Do you have a role model in the industry? Or someone in general?

Jessica: I have many role models! Currently @josievilay and @maggiemh 

SalonScale: What is your favourite feature on our app?

Jessica: Being able to type in the colour number and it pop up!

SalonScale: Why would you recommend SalonScale to other owners and stylists?

Jessica: Because we all need to be successful! 

SalonScale: What is your favourite trend in the industry right now?

Jessica: Pony tails, curtain bangs! 

SalonScale: How did you motivate your team to use SalonScale?

Jessica: I held a class for my staff. Used a model and used salon scale! Once they saw the amount of product used they couldn’t believe it 

SalonScale: What service did you discover that you were undercharging for?

Jessica: Partial highlights! 

SalonScale: What are your favourite products behind the chair at the moment?

Jessica: BLONDME! 

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