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With SalonScale in your tool kit not only will you be able to know the exact cost of what is leaving your color bar, but you can also manage your inventory more efficiently with our suggest forms and digitally store every color formula as you mix.

The SalonScale Advantage

Effortlessly Separate Your Parts from Labour

Take the actual cost of color the app spits out at the end of your color appointment and add it to the final bill. That way, you know that your product costs are being covered and your clients know what they are paying for.

Store your Formulas as You Mix

Never forget a formula again. As you add the color products you are mixing into the app, SalonScale will capture the exact recipe to the gram so not only can you redo the same formula with accuracy, your stylists will be able to do more consultations with confidence and precision.

Manage Your Inventory with Suggested Order Forms

SalonScale will track the number of tubes used in your salon so you don’t have to worry about counting empty tubes before your next order. Simply download our suggested order form and submit.

Custom Reports to Measure Success

Download reports related to your product, clients or stylists so you can manage your costs more efficiently and have more control of what is happening in your salon.