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Choose from a variety of free classes to support your business goals and elevate more sustainability in your salon

Pandemic Pricing Pivot with Ashlee Norman

Come back from this pandemic even stronger by implementing new pricing practices from SalonScale’s CEO Alicia Soulier and Salon Owner and Educator Ashlee Norman

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Controlling Variable Expenses

How do you control expenses that fluctuate with the amount of output your salon is doing? Follow these three simple steps to start controlling those hidden costs in your salon

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Determine Your Labor Pricing

Learn how to switch to a parts and labor method with SalonScale’s Director of Marketing & Communications

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Optimize Your Back Bar

Managing your inventory more efficiently will not only alleviate the stress of inventory management but positively impact your bottom line. Listen to business coach Steve Gomez’s tips and tricks to build a healthier bottom line for your business.

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How to Recession Proof Your Business

Learn from business coach and educator Caylee Auge as she reveals 3 secrets to ensure your salon is profitable and recession proof and sustainable.

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