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Genderless Pricing

By Michelle Fergusson | 

When booking a hair appointment, often clients book “mens cut, women’s cut long, cut and color…”

Does it surprise you that our industry still segregates our services based on gender?

As a society we are constantly working towards creating safe and inclusive spaces for all. There are multiple ways salons can help create these spaces and also practice allyship too.

Women are presumed to have long hair, and men short, but that isn’t the case. Why should females with short hair pay a premium, versus men with longer hair getting away with a lower price?

Additionally, for our LGBTQ2S+ community, segregation of service by “male” and “female” can be difficult… I mean a haircut, is a haircut. And a trim, is also a haircut.

Rather than forcing hair into the box of “mens cut” or “women’s long”, we’re able to look at hair for what it is; long, short, thick, thin, curly, or straight!

One way we can help to create inclusive and safe spaces is through genderless pricing.

Genderless pricing can look like a couple of things. (1) Basing pricing off of time such as an hourly rate and demand. But it can also be (2) hair length and thickness, as well as the techniques used, desired goals, and products used.

Genderless pricing helps to create equality amongst clients. So often female products and services have a “pink tax” added on. Meaning two products can have the same ingredients or purpose, but the female version is marked up. SO should women with short hair pay more than men? No.

A bonus to genderless pricing is that it is also healthy for the salon business, as you are not losing money on a “men’s” service. It also helps to create consistency too rather than having a long menu.

Parts + Labor pricing also helps to remove the stress from booking. Now time is covered for those services, and for when you are doing more intricate work that takes longer for a cut or barber work, you no longer have to worry about whether you charged enough.

Implementing parts+labour pricing helps to create transparency in services performed, but it also helps to create a more personal experience for clients in your chair too. As they know how long the services will take, and that the cost will be based off hourly rate plus the products used.

Whether your clients hair is long, short, being colored, or faded. Regardless, implementing genderless and hourly pricing enables your clients to confidently budget allowing for more repeat customers. But more importantly, switching to this method opens up doors to new clients and also another inclusive space for everyone!

Michelle Fergusson

Michelle Fergusson is the Content Manager at SalonScale Technology Inc. With over 3 years of experience in the marketing field, she has worked with multiple tech companies and non for profits to help them grow their brand and optimize their profits.