The Secret to Creating More Profits in Your Salon

SalonScale and Caylee Augé teach you the 3 reasons why your systems are failing.

Access the 3 part course to learn:

  • How to lower your backbar costs 
  • How to make more money during inflation
  • Tips to optimize your business for greater productivity

What's inCLUDED IN THE course?

How to make more Salon profits during inflationary periods

Optimizing your Salon business for demand and productivity

Lowering your cost of goods and fixing profit leaks in your Salon operations

Who is CayleE AUGÉ?

Cayle Augé is an award winning Salon owner with 25+ years of experience.  She is also a certified John Maxwell Team Trainer/Coach, L’Oréal Professional Business Trainer/Coach, Course Creator with Inspiring Champions, and Winner of Canada’s Best Beauty Talent.

For the last 5 years, Caylee has been dedicated to helping Salon owners be more successful and take charge of their business. Her passion is to empower Salon owners with easy-to-apply systems, tools and strategies for business growth.

Why should you take this course now?

Most Salon owners understand the importance of systems and process, but far too many fail to realize just how much these things can impact their bottom line. 

  1. You want to make more profit from your Salon.
  2. You are tired of losing money or barely breaking even.
  3. You know there are better systems and ways of growing your business.
  4. You want to start winning today.

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