Want to see your Profit Potential?

Connect Day-to-day Backbar Usage Directly to Your Supply

Automatically adjust stock levels in real-time based on usage, ensuring accurate tracking and reporting of inventory.

Helping over 8,200 salon owners automate
backbar inventory management

Accurately Track Inventory Usage and Costs

With a usage-based inventory management system, you can track the exact amount of inventory used for each service or product, helping you avoid lost products and reduce costs.

Inventory On Hand

Inventory levels are automatically updated in real-time, giving you accurate inventory information when you need it, anywhere you need it.

Improved Inventory Control

Better control your inventory levels, avoid stock outs or overstocking, and optimize your inventory ordering.

Easy Product Reordering

Quickly and easily reorder supplies with just a few clicks using SalonScale’s order forms, intuitive mobile app and
web dashboard.

Better and Easier Financial Reporting

Have accurate inventory information at your fingertips
for all your taxes and financial reporting needs.

Take Control of Your Inventory
and Boost Your Bottom Line

Say goodbye to manual inventory and hello to increased profitability.
Get started with usage based inventory management from SalonScale today.
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