Our Story

In 2017, Founder Alicia Soulier, was facing the same problem many salon owners and stylists have today -
How do I control the hair color being free poured in my salon, make sure my costs are covered, and reduce waste?

The solution to this problem? SalonScale Technology Inc. Created by stylists, for stylists, the female-led company launched in 2018 and has gained a platform of over 1000 users within North America, and growing rapidly. By providing smart technology solutions and digital tools to help salons succeed, our SalonScale team can’t wait for you to join the #salonscalemovement.

What we do

The SalonScale App, paired with a complementary Bluetooth scale and web dashboard, help salons manage product usage by calculating the exact cost of every bowl of color measured in real-time, all while tracking what products come out of your color bar, down to the gram.

Our mission

To save one salon at a time by taking the guesswork out of color pricing, ultimately empowering stylists to know their worth and allowing salon owners to ensure products are always paid for.

Our values


                  We aim to create a transparent and supportive community within the industry that opens the conversation on running a profitable salon - created by the industry, for the industry.



We aim to provide a tool that allows stylists to focus on their passion without the extra worry of whether or not their products are being paid for, creating a consistent bottom line.


Provide tools to allow stylists to know and charge their worth within the service industry.


SalonScale aims to provide a tool that allows Salons across the globe to harness success within the service industry.