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Pricing the Fair Way

By Caila Ellerman | 

We have all done it. We’ve just spent two-three hours with our client and send them on their merry way to the front desk to pay – leaving the front desk personnel to answer any questions of the price. “That will be $350,” reception says, as you pretend you’re not listening as you sweep your station quietly in the background. Lucky you for you – they say nothing. They don’t ask how you arrived at that price – they have chosen to accept it . You sigh with relief as they thank you for your time and their fresh new look and they leave the salon. 

What if I told you that it doesn’t have to be like that. That there is a way that both you and your client can be on the same page and not have to feel that anxiety every single time your client leaves your chair. The answer is this: fair and variable pricing. 

Before I explain, let’s back up. To keep it simple, think about how you price your hair cuts. Let’s say you price men’s cuts at $50 and women’s cuts at $75. But what happens when a man comes in with waist-length hair and a woman comes in with a pixie cut. You are spending more time performing a men’s cut compared to a women’s cut at this point but you’ve charged more for the woman’s cut. 

Your time isn’t accounted for properly and plus, why should the woman pay more for her hair simply because she is a woman? 

The same goes for hair color. Why should someone who uses two tubes of 09V pay the same as someone who uses half the amount? 

This is where hourly pricing comes into play. Because it is fair based on only how much is used on your client’s head and how much time is spent performing a given service. The length and thickness of hair can now be accounted for in this equation. This not only allows you to make sure you are getting paid for your TIME fairly, but you are also giving the opportunity to the customer to pay for only what time and product was given to them. 

It allows for a little more communication and builds more trust between you and your clients. In addition, you and your client are now on the same page as to what the price will be at the end of the appointment. There will be no sticker shock because you already discussed it prior to you performing the service.

What a sigh of relief.

Caila Ellerman

Caila is the Multi-Media Production Manager at SalonScale. Caila has over 5 years of experience in the world of marketing and 1-year of experience being a plant mom. When not turning off leaky color bars, Caila can be found writing music or working on other creative projects.