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“We are now an hourly salon, meaning I charge separate for our time and then I add my color cost on top of that”

Allana Parks, Salon Owner, Elixir Hair Studio

“We needed to find a solution to account for all the new color trends like balayages and vivids that were coming into lay a few years ago”

Kaj Olafson, Salon Owner, Filament Hair Inc.

“I was always having this fight in my head as to what my service was worth and what my cost was worth and what to charge accordingly and with using SalonScale, it just takes that all away.”

Tara Sebastianis, Salon Owner, Crimson Hair Salon

“I can go to bed every night, knowing that all of my product costs and everything is taken care of, and the rest is up to me”

Mo Worsley, Independent Owner, Muze Hair Studio

“If you’re not watching your numbers, you don’t realize that your biggest expense besides your rent, are your color costs”

Liz Adams, Salon Owner, Lavish Salon