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“In 5 and a half months we generated $50,000 in revenue, all because our color costs were no longer a random variable cost.”
Mandy Mcullough
Salon Owner
“Y’all are the best! Additional 70k in revenue last year in one of my salons, and we only had it from May-December. Such a game changer! We are opening a third salon in March and SalonScale is a huge part of why we continue to expand! Thank you!!!!”
Courtney Dales
Salon Co-Owner
“In one month we can charge back over $2000 worth of color. We will never go back."
Kaj Olafsen
Salon Owner
"We were able to add an additional $60,000 in revenue!"
Lindsay Lowe
Salon Owner
Game changer 👏👏 Been a @salonscale user and fan for 4 years now!!!! Could not imagine our business without it! So important to know down to the penny what each service is costing you! Passing that charge onto the guest is what takes your business to another level! 👏👏👏
Lacey Gebo
Salon Owner
"Since adding salon scale to our systems, we have increased our revenue by about $45,000. Not only has it helped us to increase our revenue, but it's helped us to reduce our product waste too. It's a win-win."
Mandy Pulse
Salon Owner
"Inflation SUCKS! There is no other way to put it. This year I’ve had to dive deep into the pricing structure of my business to better understand how to get a handle on the situation. The answer > SALONSCALE!!!!! They have helped me eliminate emotional pricing by making pricing decisions off FACTS."
Kelsey Morris
Salon Owner
"Through SalonScale I've completely transformed my business. It's allowed me to charge my worth because it's actually tracking exactly how much my appointments cost me as a service provider and salon owner."
Salon Owner
Shits expensive! Efficiency and consistency has helped my salon navigate the RAPID inflation in the beauty industry. We use an app called @salonscale to accurately measure the amount of product used at each appt. This calculates the price per gram of each item used.
Salon Owner
"One of the things that has drastically changed the way I look at my business is @salonscale. Understanding what each service cost me and where and who is wasting product has allowed me to gain clarity and control of my business. The more information you have the more success you can create 🖤"
Patricia Nowakowski
Salon Owner
"Before using SalonScale as a salon owner, I could see the amount of color that was getting wasted, but to see the amount of money being lost was mind blowing. I won't make that mistake again for my second salon."
Josie Vilay
Salon Owner
“We are now an hourly salon, meaning I charge separate for our time and then I add my color cost on top of that.”
Allana Parks
Salon Owner
“If you’re not watching your numbers, you don’t realize that your biggest expense besides your rent, are your color costs”
Liz Adams
Salon Owner
“Since using SalonScale, we have increased our revenue by over $50,000 a year. It's helped us to narrow down our inventory we know which product we need which has helped us to maximize our profitability"
Holly Fox
Salon Owner
"SalonScale brings integrity and transparency to what we're doing and why. It brings a level of clarity to our stylists because they actually now understand how much it costs to provide color and how to properly talk to their guests about it."
Celene Dupuis
Salon Owner
"SalonScale has changed how we manage color by being able to have better control of our inventory and to be able to order more efficiently and be able to stay within a budget."
Amy Roesslein
Salon Owner
"SalonScale has changed how we manage color by just putting real systems and knowledge behind the way that we are operating our services. There's no guesswork, it's all with integrity and we're making smart decisions behind our services."
Danielle Cherewyk
Salon Owner
"As a salon, owner, literally every scoop, and every drop counts against my bottom line. That’s why I love using SalonScale to make sure that all my products are accounted for in the cost of my services."
Denise Mahoney
Salon Owner
“I can go to bed every night, knowing that all of my product costs and everything is taken care of, and the rest is up to me”
Mo Worsley
Salon Co-Owner
“Since using SalonScale, I have profited an additional $5000 per year on average.”
Lexi Lomax
Salon Owner
"SalonScale runs my entire business! There’s power in knowing these numbers 🔥"
Mikela Mendenhall
Salon Owner
"If you aren’t measuring your products, what are you even doing?! Feeling lost on cost and aren’t keeping track of inventory? Salonscale is a must for you!"
Kamela Kinder
Independent Owner
"LOVE SALON SCALE!!! Best purchase for tracking color costs 🔥"
Amanda Roberts
Independent Owner
"OMG! @salonscale is the best app for Hairdressers! It has transformed my salon biz. SalonScale is more than just an app… it’s a movement toward hairdressers running successful, profitable and sustainable businesses."
Kristina Russell
Independent Owner
"SalonScale has been a life changer! It tracks all my client's formulas each visit, does my inventory, and tells me the cost per service."
Sandra Kafka
Independent Owner
I love SalonScale. Makes a world of difference for business sustainability!!!
Sherbert Ratliff
Salon Owner


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