What to expect during a salonscale demo

Are you considering upgrading your salons operations and taking your business up a notch (or 3😉)? If so, we’re sure you’ve heard of SalonScale. Our technology is an innovative tool transforming the way salons manage their backbar and their business. So, maybe you’ve checked out our website or seen the “Book a Free Demo” link …

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Going Solo Doesn’t Mean Alone

In 2012 I became an Independent Artist, and frankly, I was overwhelmed with navigating Entrepreneurship. I quickly realized that I had a lot to learn in terms of business. As I looked within my community, I found few opportunities to network with other Independent Artists and craved the connection I left within my commission-based salon. As Entrepreneurs, we have so many obligations. By learning from one another, we can quickly scale and avoid pitfalls that come from trial and error! Thankfully, our industry is adapting, recognizing the shifts that have come. Slowly, we’ve seen communities pop up with true collaboration values.

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