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Monthly Subscription Includes:

*Bluetooth Scale & Onboard Sold Separately


Best suited for a team of stylists in salon. With no long-term commitments and a 30-day free trial, this plan gives you access to features such as digital formula storage, color cost recording, and product and stylist reports to help you monitor how much color is costing your back bar. Bluetooth scale and set up sold separately.

**Note: Inventory management and suggested ordering only available with the annual all-in plan.**

Do You Want to Go All In?

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Color Cost Recording

As you mix, our mobile app will record the cost of every formula so you know what each bowl is costing your salon business. Personalize your account with your color lines and pricing together with the most accurate result.

Digital Formula Storage

Formula Storage

Ditch the recipe cards and go digital. With every bowl mixed, record the exact formula down to the gram automatically in your clients' profile. Easily access and remix previous formulas or leave notes to know what changes to make for future applications.

Product Reports

Product Reports

Review your color usage by brand or client to view an accurate account of how much your back bar is costing your salon and how much extra revenue you are generating.

Stylist Reports

Stylist REports

View all of your color sessions by stylist to help you set fair base pricing and enable more opportunities for the future generations of stylist.

Suggested Ordering

Put the days of counting tabs behind you. Our app will track how much color is being used as you are mixing and offers a suggested re order amount based on how much you have actually used.

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Sorry, this feature is only available with the All In subscription.
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