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The KEY to Securing a New Color Client is Not Even About Color at All

By Amanda Risser | 

Read It again my friends! We spend SO much time as stylists learning about new techniques, new colors, new products and new trends. – but what if I told you the most important piece of your service is something you’re probably not even thinking about? It has nothing to do with color. It has nothing to do with price. It has everything to do with how happy and at ease your client will feel when they leave your chair. Any guesses?? It’s COMMUNICATION!!

Communication is one of the most UNDERRATED parts of a service! And yet, if you elevate your communication you open up your opportunities. Better communication with clients through all moments of the service leads to lasting relationships with incredibly happy clients. But how? Let me ask you this… what sets us apart as stylists? What makes you any different than the stylist down the street? It’s your vibe and your expertise, sure. But really it’s the EXPERIENCE you are offering your clients that sets you apart. How often do we treat our clients like they are friends? ‘Hey girl come hang with me I’ll paint you, wham bam and you’re out the door!” How often do you get overwhelmed and rush through a service just to find out that your client had a different color expectation in their mind? How often do you feel undervalued because you worked incredibly hard and your client doesn’t seem to respect your price? How often do we offer our clients a cup of coffee before a neck and shoulder massage? What if we got them excited about the hair journey they’re about to go on, checked in with them about what’s happening to their hair during a toner, and clearly communicated how we are taking care of them the entire way through their service?

HOW we communicate – what tone we use, how we phrase things, how we present options to our clients, is the KEY to elevating your services. Excellent communication leads to loyal clients. It leads to easy-going smooth services. It makes it possible to charge more because you’re now offering them high-end experience. Implement some key communication changes and have your clients praising the hair gods for being able to book with you, the stylist who makes them feel heard, cared for, and excited about the look you just gave them.

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Amanda Risser