Transitioning from the “Archaic Era” of Hairstyling

By Kristin Page | 

Halls of Ivy is a new all-inclusive, non-branded education platform that Kristin Page launched 9 months ago. Halls of Ivy, in which the name interprets to higher institute of learning, offers classes for stylists to attend individually or for salon owners that want a customer, in-salon program. Kristin’s new platform offers four cutting classes, four styling/editorial and some extension classes Kristin is focusing on bringing back the element of design and cutting. “As we’ve seen the industry shift so heavily into color, it’s important we focus and bring back the element of cutting that has recently been looked over”. She recently launched an editorial class that is a full day on set. This provides you with a photographer, makeup, wardrobe and 3-4 images to add to your portfolio. Kristin has extension classes and highlighted that “a lot of clients who were wanting extension services were going out to ‘extension artists’ that were not licensed stylists and then would come back to the professional to color, blend and make it look good. It’s important to bring this service back into the salon so we can be in control of the entire service from top to bottom.”

Something that she would love to do in the future is create a class that helps you prep for Contessa or Mirror Award entries. When she’s on set or working on a collection she likes to work backwards. She starts with lighting, backdrop, wardrobe, and makeup. Usually having the entire hair or look come together at the end. “We hope to see this class come to life in 2020.” As someone who has been in the industry for over 20 years she touched on the “Archaic era” of hairdressing, and how back then people used to write the appointments in a book, and reflecting on when we started using our cell phones to connect and talk to our clients. “Owners would be like ‘why are you using your cell phone to talk to your guest?’ but then in time the realization that is how they want to communicate with us. And now you can’t keep your stylists off their phones. Everything is on this little device and that’s what’s so great about technology. Everything is at the tip of your fingers.” Kristin notes her anticipation of the future of this industry. “The energy and excitement around the hair community and working with other salon owners has been so empowering. There is so much excitement around change and what’s next. We are coming out of an archaic space and time in our industry that we need to see these changes for salon owners to maximize profits.” We at SalonScale, believe with the help of technology and bringing things back to the basics as Kristin pointed out, that businesses will thrive and we can lean on each other during these growing pains of change.

Kristin Page