Together We Talk FREE Webinar Series

If you are feeling the effects of social distancing and are struggling with the challenges it poses, join us for a candid discussion about how it is affecting us, how to stay productive and how to unite and help others in our community.

We will be joined by industry experts to help provide insights into the impacts of social distancing and tips for continuing to grow your business even when the services are slowed.


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Episode 1

Featuring guests: Elizabeth Faye, Ambrosia Carey, Kati Whitledge, Missy Megginson, Dawn Bradley, Nina Tulio, Olivia Smalley, Hairdustry, Rocehlle Golden

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Episode 2

Featuring guests: Lo Wheeler, Jamie Sea, Josie Vilay, Farhana Premji, Lexi Lomax, Jason Everett, Gina Bianca, Sonia Yarkhani & Jody Kezar, and Celene Dupuis

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Episode 3

Featuring guests: Erin Mills, Jerry Nettuno, J Ladner, Antony Whitaker, Amber Joy, Presley Poe, Steve Gomez

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Episode 4

Featuring guests: Kimberly Kennedy, Allie Tureaud, Hollie Jaques, Kristie Leslie, Constance Robbins, Rachel Butler, Allyson M Neri, Michele Pritchard, Ashlee Norman

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