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Transparency in Salons is the Key to Success

By Andrea Dodig | 

The single most important ingredient in the recipe for success is transparency. Transparency builds trust. An increase in technology adaptation within the salon industry permits for greater transparency – you don’t have to hide anything.

As salon owners and stylists, you are held to a higher standard now more than ever. With the increase in online platforms like social media,  transparency is critical to the success of your business long term. 

Transparency in business is a great thing – you shouldn’t be scared of it!

You made a commitment to your clients, employees and yourself to build the best salon you could – don’t sell yourself short. Business transparency is the process of being open, honest, upfront and straightforward about various aspects of your business operations. 

Honesty can build your customer base. Customers love when you are fully transparent and have the numbers to back you up. A study found that 94% of consumers would be loyal to a transparent brand. Client retention is a critical factor in growing your business.

How to be transparent with your pricing

Full transparency allows clients to know what they are paying for, so there is no confusion. 

Full transparency with a client includes being honest about your pricing structure from the beginning, starting with the consultation process. As well as it keeps you accountable, allowing you to put your business first and pushing past emotional discounting.  

Tracking your color is so important because it allows you to price with full transparency and you have the facts to back you up. Being able to utilize a digital tool such as SalonScale allows you to ensure your time is covered as well as all the color products used. Therefore, elevating the overall client experience as all formulas are digitally stored. 

Many salons hide their prices and this is a huge NO in the quest for transparency. Prices will vary from client to client; however, if your pricing strategy is Product + Service then you have a base time spent with clients plus your product costs. The saying practice makes perfect is very fitting. The more you track and weigh your color usage and the more color services you complete the more confidence you will gain and you will become more accurate at estimating the price during the consultation process.


Losing clients because you’re being upfront and transparent with them is a big misconception that people tend to believe. You can’t be in fear of losing clients when you don’t have the funds to keep the door open of your salon. The saying “I don’t want to charge this to my client” will lead you to having no business – back to ground zero. Full transparency brings simplicity into your salon and fosters stronger relationships with your clients. Read Communicating with Clients to help implement the change in your salon.

Clients in our industry are tired of not understanding how they are being charged for their hair. They do not want to walk up to the till not knowing what price they will be charged. Clients do not want to be surprised – let’s eliminate the shock.  Transparency starts from the beginning of the service and is carried through until the end of the service.

Andrea Dodig