Why a Meme is an Important Communication Tool

By Nicki Greschner | 

At SalonScale we do our best to keep our social channels encouraging, down to earth and of course – fun. To do this, we aim to use a variety of posts to connect with our online community from quotes to industry facts to videos, and if you follow us on Instagram (@salonscale) then you are already aware of our appreciation of memes. Memes are not only one of our favourite things to post on our Instagram but have also worked their way into our day to day company culture and the way we interact with one another at the office. This got us wondering, how did memes originate and why do we find them so amusing? How did they become so ingrained in our culture and the way we communicate with each other?

How did memes originate? To find this out, I jumped into some online research to discover the key moments in history that led to the modern-day meme. Rather than simply telling you what I learned, I figured why not really make it pop with some images and colors in an infographic. So here you go, I present to you A Brief Timeline of Memes

So why are we using them to communicate at SalonScale? When used in moderation, memes are a great addition to any social media post. We were able to boil it down to five key reasons we communicate with memes at SalonScale.

1. Memes are fun.

They are an easy way to brighten up someone’s day with a silly GIF or picture while scrolling through Instagram. They can also be the perfect vehicle for a motivational message or some words of encouragement.

2. Memes are dynamic.

Pictures, text, videos, GIFs, audio clips – memes come in many shapes and sizes and when we have so many things competing for our attention on social media, they tend to stand out in an Instagram feed.

3. Memes are familiar.

Many memes use our favourite pop culture moments and current events as their central theme to help unite us and build community through these shared experiences.

4. Memes are adaptable.

You’ve all heard the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words,” so it’s no surprise that a single image can produce countless memes featuring different headlines. One of our favourite challenges at the office is finding the perfect caption for a funny GIF or image.

5. Memes are relatable.

Memes are a lighthearted way to bring some realness to your social media presence. In the sea of perfectly edited posts it can be nice to speak to some real emotions, not to mention it’s pretty cool to know you are not alone in what you may be feeling even if it is someone thousands of miles away who can relate to your experiences.

That’s it. These are the top reasons why we enjoy using memes to communicate with one another, and with you fine people. Check us out on Instagram to see some of our favorite memes @salonscale or to share some of your favorites with us. Happy meme-ing!

Nicki Greschner