How Filament Hair Inc Increased Profitability and accountability with SalonScale

The story of how implementing the SalonScale app changed Filament Hair Inc.’s operations for the better.
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The Challenge

Kaj Olafsen, owner of Filament Hair Inc. in Edmonton, Alberta, was struggling with accountability when it came to the salon’s color usage. Balayages and vivids were becoming more popular, but there was a breakdown in communication about what was being mixed and how it was being used. This resulted in sometimes mixing two or three glasses of color for a single client, leading to high color costs, sometimes eating up to 35% of the cost. Kaj was concerned about the lack of accountability and the high cost of color, as it was significantly impacting her salon’s profitability.

The Solution

Kaj turned to SalonScale, a mobile app designed to help salon owners andmanagers streamline operations, increase profitability, and grow their business.SalonScale accurately measures the cost of each bowl of color mixed,separating parts and labor in pricing and ensuring that salons are always turning a profit.The app also stores formulas and notes for each client, providing detailedreports on what has been used and what hasn’t. By implementing SalonScale,Kaj was able to increase accountability for her stylists and track her inventory and color usage in real-time.

The Result

The results were immediate, with Filament Hair Inc. being able to charge back $2,000 worth of color in just one month. Kaj was amazed by the app’s impact on her business, going from a 2% profitability rate to an unknown percentage increase. SalonScale made it less daunting for Kaj to expand her business and order color, as she was no longer worried about the high cost of color eating into her profits. Kaj is so pleased with the app’s impact that she says she would rather give up her booking software than SalonScale.

By implementing SalonScale, Kaj was able to increase profitability, accountability, and streamline operations at Filament Hair Inc. The app’s detailed reports on color usage allowed her to make informed decisions about his inventory levels, pricing, and customer preferences. The investment in SalonScale was worth it, as it helped her business become more profitable and less daunting to run.

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