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How Lavish Salon Boosted Salon Profits and Streamlined Expense Management

“Once we implemented this system, I stopped worrying about color costs and started making real profit. It’s a game changer for hair salons and here to stay.”

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The Challenge

Liz Adams, the owner of Lavish Salon in Victoria, BC, was facing a significant challenge in managing her salon’s expenses. With eight stylists and one esthetician, Liz found that one of her biggest costs, aside from rent, was the color products used for services like balayage. She often felt like she wasn’t making any money, especially on days when multiple balayage appointments were booked, as the services took up to four hours and used between $30 and $60 worth of product. After accounting for the time and stylist wages, Liz realized her salon was barely making any profit.

Liz Adams Lavish Salon

The Solution

To address this issue, Liz decided to implement a new system to help her better manage her salon’s expenses and color costs. This system allowed her to stop worrying about monitoring color usage and freed her up from constantly policing the back room. It gave her peace of mind as a salon owner and enabled her to focus on other aspects of her business.

The Result

In just the first month of implementing the new system, Liz saw a significant improvement in her salon’s finances. Not only were all her product costs covered, but she also made an additional $1,000 in profit. This profit accounted for other expenses like foils and gloves, proving to be a genuine profit for her salon. Liz is now a proud member of the salon scale movement and believes that every salon should have this system in place, especially new salons opening up. The positive impact on her business has been undeniable, and she is confident that this new approach is here to stay.

Liz Adams’ experience with implementing SalonScale to manage her salon’s expenses showcases the positive impact it can have on a salon’s overall profits. The success of Lavish Salon is a testament to the effectiveness of this approach in optimizing color cost management and streamlining operations. If you’re a salon owner facing similar challenges, it’s time to consider joining the SalonScale movement and take control of your expenses for a more profitable future.

Are you ready to transform your salon’s profits and experience the same success as Liz? Don’t wait any longer. Embrace the SalonScale movement today and watch your business thrive. 

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