Simplify Backbar Management

Unlock new profit potential
for your salon
SalonScale was built to help salons automate inventory usage, calculate product costs in real-time, and manage their digital formulas.


Say Goodbye to Free-pouring and Backbar Mismanagement

Automated Cost Reporting

Get the exact cost of products used in real-time at each service. Personalize your account with your color lines, extensions, add-ons, and pricing to get the most accurate results.

Backbar Product Management

View and export reports related to how much product is running through your backbar, by brand, client, or stylist.

Usage-Based Inventory Tracking

Avoid overstocking or understocking. Automatically track the usage of inventory items and adjust the stock levels in real-time.

BLUETOOTH Scale Technology

Opt to use our compatible Bluetooth scale to weigh your product or choose to use your own scale to manually enter or use our voice command feature.

Easy Product ordering

Put the days of counting tabs behind you. Our app will track how much product is being used and offers a suggested re-order amount based on how much you stock you have on-hand.

Remix Your Bowl and Recreate Formulas

As you mix, SalonScale will track the exact formula down to the gram in your clients profile. Easily access and remix previous formulas or leave notes to know what changes to make for future applications.

Stop Losing Money and Become
a Profit-first Salon

Whether you are a stylist, salon owner, or even own multiple locations, SalonScale was designed
to meet the needs of every salon business, regardless of the size.
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