How SalonScale Helped Elixir Hair Studio Maximize Profits and Improve Pricing Structure

“SalonScale is the best money you will ever spend. It has changed everything, streamlining our business and allowing us to charge fairly and transparently.”
Elixir Hair Studio

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The Challenge

Alana Parks, owner of Elixir Hair Studio, faced significant challenges when it came to pricing services fairly and fitting within the market value. She struggled to find a price structure that worked for her salon, and money seemed to be “flying out the door faster than it was coming in”.

Allana Parks

The Solution

Upon discovering SalonScale, Alana saw it as the answer to her pricing problems. With SalonScale’s help, she could calculate product costs, commissions, and other expenses accurately, allowing her to create a transparent and fair pricing structure. Elixir Hair Studio adopted an hourly-based pricing model and charged for the cost of materials separately.

The Result

Thanks to SalonScale, Elixir Hair Studio’s profit increased by an average of $1,000 per month, which Alana reinvested in the salon for education, products, and team-building activities. The new pricing structure brought financial stability, better decision-making, and control over the business’s variables. Alana confidently recommends SalonScale, as the money saved and earned far outweighs the cost of using the product.

SalonScale played a transformative role in Alana Parks’ Elixir Hair Studio by helping her overcome pricing challenges and boosting profits. By creating a transparent and fair pricing structure, Alana has strengthened her salon’s culture and ensured a sustainable business model for continued success.

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